ODSC Scholarship

At ODSC, diversity and inclusion are among our core values and we are striving to increase the number of females and minority groups that attend our conferences.

Our 2016 conferences showed that we are leading the field in these values. For example, 26% of our attendees were female, when the average female attendance at conferences in this sector is far lower. We have made it a goal to continue increasing female attendance at ODSC events.

In addition, although we have a multi-cultural audience, we are still striving to increase the racial diversity at our conferences this year.

As part of this initiative we are offering 30 free passes and 50 discounted passes  as a scholarship to those who qualify. Please apply by filling out the form if you would like to be considered for one of our scholarships.

Who Can Apply?

  •  Females
  • Members of Minority Groups
  • Unemployed
  • Students
  • Start-upers
  • Individuals switching careers to be a part of data science

Travel and hotel expenses are not included.