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The Open Data Science Conference hosts one of the largest gatherings of professional data scientists with major conferences on in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Attendees gather to hear from some of the best and brightest present the latest languages, tools and models used in AI and data science.


Europe’s Fastest Growing Data Science Community

– October 12-14, 2017 –

ODSC WEST | San Francisco

The World’s Largest Applied Data Science Conference

– November 2-4, 2017 –

ODSC EAST | Boston

The World’s Largest Applied Data Science Conference

– May 1-4, 2018 –

Accelerate AI

The Business Summit on Accelerating Your Growth with AI

The Accelerate AI conference series is where executives and business professionals meet the best and brightest innovators in AI and Data Science The conference brings together top industry executives and CxOs to help you understand how AI and data science will transform your business.

Accelerate AI Europe

The ODSC summit on accelerating your business growth with AI

– October 12, 2017 –

– London –

Accelerate AI West

The ODSC summit on accelerating your business growth with AI

– Nov 2, 2017 –

– San Francisco –

Accelerate AI East

The ODSC summation accelerating your business with AI

– May 1-4, 2018 –

– Boston –

AI Learning


ODSC has an active online community. We  host online knoledge sharing on in data science and other topics our AI learning Accelerator

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We post on our blog site daily. This is a great resource to keep up to date on the latest topics, languages, tool, and news in data science and AI

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Last year, ODSC welcomed nearly 12,000 attendees in an unparalleled range of events from our large conferences, to hackathons and small community gatherings.
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